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Cover,Table of Contents, Articles I and II


Article IV – Leaves

Article V – Transfer & Reassignment

Article VI – Class Size

Article VII – Hours of Employment

Article VIII – Union Membership, Dues, and Access

Article IX – Evaluation

Article X – Professional Standards

Article XI – XII & XIII – Wages, Benefits or Employees, Benefits for Retirees

Article-XIV-XV-Reduced-Work-Load-Program, Safety


Articles XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII – Mentor Program Program, IPPG, Year Round Schools, Severability, Completion & Re-openers, and Emergency Provisions

Article XXIII- Salinas Adult School

Article XXIV- Summer School

Article XXV – Peer Assistance and Review


Article XXVII – Use of Technology

Article XXVIII – Statutory Benefits Explained

Appendix A – Bargaining Unit

Appendix B – Salary Schedules

Appendix C – Stipends and Extra Duty Schedules

Appendix D - Evaluation Calendar

Appendix E – School Year Calendar

Appendix F – Counselor Guaranteed Services

Appendix G Assault on Staff

Appendix H – Replacing or Repairing Employees’ Property

Appendix I – Evaluation Guides and Documents

Appendix J – Conference Periods

Appendix K – Grievance Form

Appendix L – Sample Bell Schedules

Appendix M – Collaboration Time

Appendix N – Salary Benefits & Compensation

Appendix O – In Lieu for EAHS (Block Schedule)

Appendix P – TSAs

Appendix Q - Department Chairpersons

Appendix R - District Professional Development Committee

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